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Willow Glen Homes

Offering Something for Everyone

Mission Hills Homes and Real EstateWillow Glen Residential homes offer a wide range of styles from the charming Quintet cottages of Glen Una Avenue to the fabulous Ranch style homes through the gates on Cottle Avenue between Husted Avenue and Koch Lane. For those with a taste for new construction, many of the old homes have been replaced with fantastic custom built homes. Willow Glen residents pride themselves on a relaxed and calming family environment. With its tree-lined streets and its historic downtown on Lincoln Avenue, Willow Glen is the envy of all its neighbors.

Willow Glen residences range in size from two bedroom, one bathroom homes of 700+ square feet to six bedroom, 3,500+ square feet new custom built homes. Home prices can range from the low $400,000s to $2,000,000 and more for the lavish new homes. The traditional Ranch style homes will set you back around $1,000,000 to $1,200,000 depending on their condition.

Willow Glen Homes

Willow Glen Condos/Townhomes

New or Old, Something for Everyone

condoConsidered by many to be a single-family area, Willow Glen townhomes and condominiums are spread evenly throught Willow Glen. There is certainly something to please everyone. You can choose from the older style condos to the townhouse-style construction homes currently selling. The condominium market ranges from one to three bedroom flats, and with the tomehomes ranging from two to four bedrooms with or withought garages.

Many of the townhomes and condos can be found within walking distance of Lincoln Avenue and downtown Willow Glen, making it the perfect home for those who wish to pass on the maintenance of a single-family home.

Willow Glen Condos

Willow Glen Schools

Schools with Pride, Passion, and Opportunity

Mission Hills Real EstateWillow Glen homeowners and residents are unique in that they are served by two school districts - San Jose Unified School District and Cambrian School District. Willow Glen residents can be proud of the fact that so many schools in Willow Glen are California Distinguished Schools. The Cambrian School District can even boast that all five of its schools are on the California Distinguished Schools list.

Willow Glen HIgh School stands tall on the corner of Lincoln and Minnesota Avenues. It is the high school that many of the surrounding elementary and middle schools feed into. Willow Glen also offers a wide range of K-8 private school options that feed into some of the most sought after private high schools. St. Christopher's private Catholic school feeds into the highly regarded Bellarmine College Prep High School.

Willow Glen Schools

Willow Glen Blog - Real Estate and Lifestyle

  • Christmas Shopping with Santa in Downtown Willow Glen on Lincoln Avenue

    Santa Clause on Lincoln Avenue in Downtown Willow Glen

    Posted on December 17, 2011 by Mike.

    While shopping in Downtown Willow Glen on Lincoln Avenue in Willow Glen, my wife and daughter ran into Santa Clause.  My daughter was so excited to see Santa Clause in the Petroglyph Shop on Lincoln Avenue in Willow Glen.  She was amazed the real Santa Clause came into the shop, just to say hello :).  Santa Clause even gave her a candy cane and took a photograph with her.  Her eyes were filled with amazement and joy.  She even made a special Christmas ornament at Petroglyph in Willow Glen just for Santa!Lincoln Avenue in Downtown Willow Glen is an absolutely magical pl... Read More »

  • WIllow Glen Newest Eatery

    Jim Stump

    Posted on November 17, 2011 by Mike.

    Fantastic and exciting news for owners of Willow Glen Residential Real Estate, Jim Stump, a veteran of the Silicon Valley culinary scene, is expected to open his new-concept restaurant called The Table, in the spring 2012 in San Jose's Willow Glen district.Residential homeowners in Willow Glen can look forward to a selection of new eateries coming to the corner of Willow Street and Lincoln Avenue in Downtown Willow Glen, “The Table” could help make Willow Glen into a budding regional gourmet destination. Stump said in a story in this week's Business Journal that he wants to create ... Read More »

  • Willow Glen Real Estate Statistics

    Most recent real estate statistics for restidential homes sold in Willow Glen

    Posted on November 01, 2011 by Mike.

    Here are some really interesting residential real estate statistic’s for Homes sold in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA 95125.During the month of September in 2010, there was 29 residential homes sold in Willow Glen. The average sale price for a residential home in Willow Glen during the month was $727,241.The minimum list price for a residential home was $429,000 and the maximum list price was $1,499,000. The median list price for a home was $649,850. The Minimum sale price for a sold homes in Willow Glen was $400,000 and the max sale price was $1,475,000. The median sold price was $640,000. ... Read More »

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